Allen West: Honor In Iraq

Is somebody watching over you today?  Is there someone somewhere that is willing to put your well-being ahead of theirs?  Those are powerful questions that we seldom ponder here in America. Why?

The answer is that safety, security and most importantly freedom, the delicacies sought in so many places in the world, are things we in America nonchalantly pile upon our plates daily like hungry diners at an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord. Say what you will, but the reality is that even in the worst of times we really have it good.


However, America, the magnet for so many people of the world, has been maintained and has flourished by the blood of the American soldier. The soldier’s willingness to fight and if need be, die on foreign soils against vicious enemies for the nation’s survival is often underestimated.

The war on terror brought a realization to most Americans through the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, that we had to take a stand against radical Islamic extremism. In one of President George W. Bush’s best moments as the leader of the free world, Americans took an overdue offensive stance against terrorism. American fighting forces, along with others across the world, have been fighting a brave battle against the scourge of Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately, the battle to defeat terrorism has been as much a battle within as on the outside. In a political environment not seen since Vietnam, the American soldier has been placed in the very untenable situation of being charged with finding victory in the battle zone, without being able to incorporate the normal tools by which victory is attained. Political correctness on the battlefield handed down by those in government without the belly for war or simply American victory, has threatened the lives of American soldiers in more ways than one. Read More...


Washingtoons - 15 June 2010 Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Retired)

Of Lambs and Lions "I do not fear an army of lions if they are led by a lamb. I do fear an army of sheep if they are led by a lion."- Alexander the Great

Greetings Wheels on the Road readers, fellow South Floridians, and indeed all Americans. It is time for our monthly political assessment and this one is rather personal. Last month we addressed what is at stake, and the response was the future of America. One of the factors affecting our Country right now relates to Alexander's quote mentioned above.

Attorney General Eric Holder once lamented that America is a "nation of cowards", that is far from the truth. The problem we have in America is that we are being led by lambs, by an effete ruling class elite. America is a nation oflions , warriors, but when we find ourselves being led by a cabal of weak, ineffective, and indecisive appeasers the result is evident.


Larry Mendte: Is That Justice?

Edmond soldier’s mother co-organizes Sept. 4 event for ‘Leavenworth 10’

Mark Schlachtenhaufen The Edmond Sun

EDMOND — Prosecutors said they committed offenses that violated the military code of justice.

Family members say they are loyal Americans, decorated soldiers who were victims of untenable rules of engagement, demoralizing “catch-and-release” policies and a climate of political correctness that governs troops trying to survive in a combat zone.

“They” are the “Leavenworth 10,” a group of soldiers and Marines imprisoned at Kansas’ Fort Leavenworth detention facility, which includes 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, of Edmond. Behenna’s parents, Edmond residents Scott Behenna, a retired Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent, and Vicki Behenna, a federal prosecutor who was part of the team in the Timothy McVeigh trial, are part of the mobilization effort behind The Freedom Ride for the Leavenworth 10. Supporters riding in motorcycles and vehicles of all types from states across the country will converge the morning of Sept. 4 in Leavenworth, Kan., said Vicki Behenna.


‘Freedom Ride’ to Raise Awareness About Group of Wrongfully-Imprisoned Soldiers, ‘The Leavenworth 10′

by Bob McCarty -

On July 18, Scott and Vicki Behenna, parents of Army Ranger 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, informed me that plans were in the works to stage a motorcycle rally to bring attention to the plight of wrongfully-imprisoned soldiers such as her son, whose story has been highlighted in several posts at and is now serving a 15-year sentence for killing a known Al-Qaeda operative in self-defense.  Today, it appears those plans are coming to fruition.



Rally planned for ‘Leavenworth 10’

By John Richmeier
GateHouse News Service

Leavenworth, Kan. —

They’ve been sent to the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth for killings committed while they served in the U.S. military in Iraq.

But family members and other supporters of the group that has come to be known as the Leavenworth 10 argue the men should be released. And supporters are planning a rally in Leavenworth for Labor Day weekend.






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